7 Tips For Taking The Perfect Self-Portrait

A self-portrait is the perfect creative medium that lets you be yourself and show the world what you’re really like. Of course, as you’ll have to photograph yourself, getting it just right is a bit of a hassle. Fortunately, thousands of seasoned photographers do this every year, and even many novice photographers are able to achieve great results with just a bit of ingenuity. Here are seven tips you can try to achieve the desired results:

1. Just Relax

No one want to see a self-portrait where the subject was fidgety and much too self-conscious. Your portrait should represent you as you are right now. That means you need to feel relaxed and certain that the way you’re posing represents the best part of you. The easiest way to do this is to imagine you’re taking this photo for a loved one or your close friend. This often helps soften your expression and makes you look more approachable.

2. Do Use A Timer And A Tripod

There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of effort into your self-portrait only to discover that the shots are out of focus or blurry. Use a tripod if possible as it will ensure a steady shot when the time comes. It also helps to set your camera to a timer and burst mode as it will take a variety of shots that you can choose from when you’re finished.

3. Play With Your Lighting

Lighting plays an integral part in creating a photo that’s not only well focused but highlights the subject matter in a pleasing manner. Play around with your lighting and see which one flatters your body the most. Some people take a fun approach to self-portraits and use a flashlight to highlight their facial features in the dark.

4. Know Your Expressions

It’s hard to shoot yourself while you’re trying to focus on creating the perfect facial expression. Fortunately, there’s a very simple way that you can address this problem. Just place a mirror behind your camera and take a look at your pose and your expressions. You can use this to also tweak your pose.

5. Do Something Natural

There’s nothing stranger than a self-portrait with someone looking straight ahead without any signs of enjoyment. Shoot yourself doing something you love such as gardening, playing an instrument or reading a book.

6. Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

It is more than possible to shoot a self-portrait that isn’t just representative of you as a person, but is also entertaining and interesting. Some people find themselves rather camera shy, in which case wearing a costume, letting the landscape do the talking or photographing your shadow is a great way to get the creativity out. However, everyone agrees that distracting yourself is the best way to get the shot that really shows the inner you.

7. Stay Away From Perfection

In the age of social media, we all fear judgment. In fact, any personal photo we take is often overdone as we think about what others would say if they saw it. When taking your self-portrait, ignore what you think is the norm and shun perfection. Your portrait should be reasonably balanced, but your expressions, outfits and poses should have your trademark personality.

A creative self-portrait is easier said than done. Many people don’t relax and feel like they’re being judged even when they’re alone in a room. In the age of social media, you have to release built up tension and focus on your inner self. By choosing to shoot yourself doing something you love and wearing an outfit you’re comfortable in, you’ll finally have an honest representation of yourself.